DVSA tests roadmap from 19th July.

DVSA has set out how moving to step 4 of the roadmap in England on 19 July will affect driver testing services, ADIs and their pupils.

The agency recommends:

• ADIs and pupils still wear a face covering during a driving lesson

• Keeping car windows open during driving lessons

• ADIs and pupils continue to do lateral flow tests twice a week

• Pupils take a rapid lateral flow test in the 48 hours before their driving test

• ADIs and pupils to wear a face covering when they come for driving tests unless they have a good reason not to

Having spoke to the DVSA examiners earlier today.

This driving schools decision is that we will continue to support the DVSA and will not be relaxing the current rules on masks and car sanitation or present covid safety on the 19th.

Therefore all pupils must still wear masks on lessons and tests until further notice.

This decision is both welcomed and supported by the DVSA examiners.

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