Phil Hawksworth

Welcome to Phil Hawksworth

A new normal, 

Moving forward or bouncing back!

It is likely that this Driving School will be up and running 4th July with the next wave stage 3 of lockdown being revised. 

So now its time to fill the diary and make plans for existing pupils to return and complete their goals. Welcome also to new pupils eager to start chasing that new driving licence and the thrill of being able to drive safely and independently on UK roads.

New courses have been designed to offer pupils specific target based training in areas of learning requiring development. Ask for details?

Obviously there are changes to lessons and tests because of the Covid 19 virus, full details will be given to each pupil and agreed before lessons commence.

Please enjoy this new website, which has been redesigned for you, there is also an accompanying app for you to use, and online theory courses.

Many thanks for your support.

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Many thanks and stay safe. Phil