Terms and Conditions 

The Instructor: Will make their services available to the pupil for the sole purpose of giving driving tuition at the rate per lesson and from the time and pick up point agreed.

I am also your first point of contact. Any problems or concerns, please call me.

I confirm that the car is fully insured to cover pupils during normal lessons or when being accompanied by the instructor/examiner on test.

All lesson fees shall be paid in advance or at the beginning of each lesson/test. No exceptions 

Cancellations: Covid 19

if you are unwell or have been in contact with family/friends with symptoms of the virus, test positive or told to isolate through test and trace. 

You must advise "Me" your instructor immediately - Do not attend lessons - Get a test and self isolate - (minimum 14 days) - Cancellation charges are waived for Covid 19.

During this pandemic pupils must understand the risks to booking tests, if your instructor is unable to conduct your test due signs and symptoms of covid, being in contact with anyone who has, testing positive or told to isolate through test and trace, it would be both unprofessional and illegal to run tests. Test fees cannot and will not be reimbursed by this driving school for tests lost due to Covid 19 virus, as this issue is completely outside the control of this driving school. Waiver of lesson changes is completely different to insuring tests. Sorry!

Pupils may however reschedule tests with DVSA at short notice if they are suffering symptoms, have tested positive or are contacted by test and trace. Visit www.gov.uk for details.

Cancellations - normal lessons 

Pupil's must give the instructor a minimum of two clear working days notice of cancelling or re-sheduling lessons, pupils will be charged the full lesson fee in respect of that lesson for short notice cancellations. (Sundays and bank Holidays are not working days). Pupils engaging in high risk activities, sports etc, do so at their own risk, last minute cancellations & lesson changes caused by sporting mishaps and injuries must be accepted by the pupil concerned. the two working day cancellation applies to all lessons (Except Covid 19 - see note above) Please consider this when booking lessons.

Last minute changes; 

Pick up's/drop off's are assumed as from the pupils normal collection/drop off points as agreed. Last minute changes affecting other lessons may be refused or where possible to accommodate, will be deducted from the pupils own lesson time. It is not possible, and unfair to knock onto other pupil’s lesson appointments. 

The pupil agrees that they are duly licensed and fit to drive the tuition vehicle and are fit to drive on the day of the lesson. pupils will be refused lessons if they are unfit to drive through alcohol or drugs. The lesson will be charged to the pupil. If you are signed off as unfit to drive by a doctor,optician etc, you must advise your instructor, you will not be allowed to return to lessons without a medical note giving the all clear.

Driving tests - Acceptance: 

Tests can only be accepted after a mock test has been taken (Risk Assessment), and the pupil can demonstrate they have reached/maintained a safe test standard and can drive responsibly. Pupils who are waiting for tests must keep normal driving lesson appointments up to their test appointment. (Tests will only be accepted on this basis), The driving school car is not available to hire for the sole purpose of running a test. The practice of sitting out of lessons while waiting for a test date is unacceptable with this driving school. If you have failed a  previous test  then by common sense, remedial work is needed and practice hours required. Candidates are reminded that it is their responsibility to reach and maintain a safe test standard. While this driving school encourages its pupils to do some private practice, it also confirms that private practice be in addition to driving school lessons not instead of driving school lessons! 

Vehicle checks before tests - It is the responsibility of the pupils to check lights, tyres, etc and report any vehicle damage and before the test. Once your safety check has been done, you must accept full responsibility for the car, this means that the driving school will not accept any charges for careless vehicle, damages or fines and cannot offer any test refunds for breakdowns and car failure after your check.

Vehicle breakdowns, despite the best servicing and maintenance, cars do occasionally let us down. If this happens immediately before a test, it's a problem that often has no resolution other than test cancellation. It is not the fault of the Instructor or pupil, it deemed as both unfortunate and unlucky. Charges for a new test will be therefore be a 50/50% cost Instructor/pupil. 

It is the pupils responsibility to read and fully understand the above terms and conditions, the driving school unfortunately cannot offer lessons to anyone without their signed acceptance of our terms and conditions on your progress record.