Cancellations at short notice, those under (two working days) will be "only" be accepted for "Covid 19 symptoms" thats the Law!

A negative test or 14 days isolation is the law before you can restart lessons again.

For all other cancellations you must provide adequate notice or you will be charged for the full lesson booking as a short notice cancellation. Sorry no acceptions!

Please consider the problem of cancellations apart from serious financial losses, it leaves that lesson slot impossible to fill, where your instructor could be working and pupils requiring additional hours or sat waiting on my list to start could take advantage.

Please understand my terms and conditions are there to protect lessons/tests, the business and me your instructor, and have been in place since the start of my business many years ago.

Be warned, Pupils who fill in short notice cancellations are allowed to book on the following week, effectively taking over the normal slot of the short notice cancellation pupil. This will cause booking problems !!

To avoid this happening cancellations are charged to cover your costs, so regular pupils like you, don't lose there place. Only Covid offers different rules!!

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