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This from chief executive of DIA

(Driving Instructor Association)

PM announces relaxation of social distancing (and other professions set to return to work) but no news yet for driver and rider trainers

From 4 July the 2m distancing guidance will change in England.

The prime minister said that where it is not possible to stay 2m apart, people should keep a distance of "one metre plus" while observing precautions to reduce the risk of transmission.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the 2m distancing rule remains in place for the time being.

But whilst hairdressers, restaurants and pubs (amongst other venues) in England will also be allowed to reopen from 4th July, we still have no official guidance on when driver and rider trainers can fully resume their work.

We have asked DVSA for an update today and are awaiting their guidance. As soon as we have any news we will let you know. There are positive noises beginning to be made, with the possibility of rider training in particular (given the ability to maintain more social distancing measures) resuming in the nearer term.

Watch this space and apologies I don't have good news for you right now - but keep the faith!

In the meantime, tomorrow we launch our post lockdown training toolkit. We'll send you a special email detailing what's in the kit and how to use - and we also have a webinar coming up this Friday at 11am, talking about the toolkit.

In the meantime - stay safe and stay well.


Carly Brookfield

Chief Executive

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